Discover the "Middle East's Norway" with a Musandam Oman Tour from Dubai

Musandam Oman Tour

With Musandam Oman Tour, leave the clamoring city of Dubai and take an encounter to the Fjords of Musandam Oman. Board an essential dhow boat with your little gathering and journey among the rising above rock results for a casual day on the water with our Musandam Oman Tour from Dubai. Join Oman Tour, swim overhead blue waters, get a delicious lunch and sunbathe on the boat before going to your housing in Musandam Oman Trip that we offer.
Oman Tours travel guide involves an unconventional return of the grand Musandam Oman Peninsula. It is a region that the emirates of Sharjah border that is known as "Middle East's Norway." Regarded as the "Middle East’s Norway," this Oman district's label is Musandam. It is 1,835 square miles in size. Despite many different dining establishments, a lot of the restaurants in Musandam Oman provide meals that highlight raisins and dates.

Among a number of cities throughout the Sultanate of Oman, Musandam is renowned for its huge variety of fish species in its shores. Our Musandam tour packages offer a selection of activities in Oman that you might enjoy.
The Sultanate of Oman coastline has a quantity of fascinating species that are distinguished by some lovely coastal areas. Go on our Musandam Tours and get pleasure from our activities while in the beautiful Musandam Coastline.

Things To Do In Musandam Oman

Even within the entire country of Musandam Oman, most of the area is taken credit in toward South Asia. The beach is recorded into calm gulfs, fjords, and islands preserved for Musandam Tourism. At that time here the huge dunes of Musandam Oman swim in the azure blue Atlantic.

Swimming And Snorkeling

Muscat Musandam Tour will allow you to use these waters to swim and practice snorkeling in Dubai and Musandam, where you can observe wonderful fish up close. You can hold more pep in the afternoon for swimming or relaxing while listening to entertaining stories about your Musandam Tour. Most of the swimming wear we provide our customers in Oman is not compatible with our offerings at the factory.

Beach of Khasab - An Intimate Tourist Spot

On our Musandam Tour, our knowledgeable staff operates a center console with a variety of sailing boats and watersports amenities, situated by the sea in Khasab, Oman. Located in the open to the ocean, also every tent offers easy access to specific items and an adjoining bathroom. Our expert instructors are cordial and available for each such activity as swimming or jumping. Ideally, you are also welcome to sign up for a banana boat ride and kayak with us.

Banana Boat Ride

Witness the action-packed Nile Cruise in Musandam while riding a banana boat is an incredible thing for you to try. By all means, give banana boat ride a try during a visit to Musandam. Banana boat ride on the Dhow cruise offers the tourists with an incredible bushiness tour in Musandam. Everybody who desires to have a good time on the Banana Boat ride can rest assured of its guaranteed safety.


The Musandam terrain in the southern area of Oman is admired for its fjord. Have a look at Musandam, where you can go on a boating trip or kayak journey along the picturesque crystal-watered fjord. You can go about in the 2-seater kayak in Oman while in Oman. The Musandam Oman Tour from Dubai takes place during the most useful and exciting time.

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